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Our Mortgage Team


Let me introduce myself.  I am Danny Branham, Senior Vice President of Bank of Lexington.  I have been in the mortgage business in Lexington and Central KY for over 20 years.  Obtaining a mortgage does not have to be a burden for the borrower to endure or to fear in order to purchase or refinance their home. 

I have established a list of goals that would define how we do business at Bank of Lexington.  They are as follows: 

  1. Each borrower is to be treated the same no matter their level of income or credit standing. 
  2. Educate each borrower on the process of obtaining a mortgage loan.  Make the process easy.
  3. Provide a wide array of lenders and mortgage programs to meet any borrowers' needs.
  4. Offer competitive rates and closing costs.
  5. Build relationships!  Turn each borrower into a client for life.

For many, your home is your largest asset and is the foundation upon which you build your financial future.  For us, at Bank of Lexington, we are not here simply to help you with your mortgage loan, but rather, we want to assist you in developing a strong financial plan to secure your future.  We have a outstanding team of Mortgage Professionals to assist in this process.  We take these goals very seriously and I can promise you that at Bank of Lexington YOU are our #1 Priority!

At Bank of Lexington, we are not just People who know Banking, we are People who Know YOU!








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